July 13-17, 2015

Classes start on July 13 and end on July 17. This year we have partnered with the International Cultural Center’s K-12 Global Education department, which has expanded the number of classes offered! Students will choose from a variety of fun cultural and heritage education classes where they can learn cowboy life, folklore, pioneer living, American Indian tribes, western art, leather working and more! Classes meet Monday through Friday for 90 minutes each. Tuition is $25 per class, $20 per class for Junior Rough Riders.

For more information contact Julie Hodges at julie.hodges@ttu.edu.

Middle and high school students are needed to serve as teaching assistants.

Register online now.

Download our brochure for detailed information for all classes.

Please contact Julie Hodges at julie.hodges@ttu.edu to be placed on the SYC 2015 mailing list.