Adult Education

Learning takes place where challenging programming is integrated with exhibitions, technology and research to encourage the natural curiosity within all people. The NRHC strives to offer educational opportunities for all levels of learning in different mediums. Our goal is to encourage and instruct a wide audience, giving them the tools and information to elevate their [...]


Youth Education

The Education Department of the National Ranching Heritage Center strives to preserve the history of ranching, pioneer life and the development of the livestock industry in North America by hosting educational events and providing materials to make your visit more meaningful. In addition to the Junior Rough Riders, the official youth membership organization of the [...]



The NRHC has curricula available to prepare students for their tour. Please click here to see the list and decide which activity would suit your students best. Click on the activity name to see an example of it.



Tours are self-guided and are 60-90 minutes in length. Advance reservations are required and can be made by contacting Julie Hodges by e-mail or by phone (806) 742-0498. Prior to visit, a confirmation will be emailed to you and we encourage you to review our printable and teacher resources found at the following: http://nrhc.ttu.edu/education/resources/printable/ and http://nrhc.ttu.edu/education/tours/teacher-resources/. Supervision [...]



The NRHC and the RHA cooperate to produce a variety of publications that fulfill the mission of the NRHC. Periodicals such as the Ranch record and Rangeland Issues provide articles that explore contemporary issues in ranching as well as glances at the past and explorations of Western art. There are also many books that explore [...]


Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Events The NRHC hosts three major annual events which we invite volunteers to participate in. Ranch Day: Volunteers may interpret the structures, assist with activities, such as the Ranch Hand Experience and the Stick Horse Rodeo, greet visitors at the door, assist with lemonade sales or participate in period demonstrations. Heritage Halloween: Volunteers at [...]