Learning takes place where challenging programming is integrated with exhibitions, technology and research to encourage the natural curiosity within all people. The NRHC strives to offer educational opportunities for all levels of learning in different mediums. Our goal is to encourage and instruct a wide audience, giving them the tools and information to elevate their learning experience through a variety of unique programs.

Gallery Talks

Held in conjunction with a current exhibit, gallery talks gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about the exhibit from an artist or scholar connected with the topic.


Topics of our workshops range from painting, quilting, glass working, China painting, leatherworking and more. Classes are offered throughout the year for a fee, depending on materials required for the class.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions focus on topics relating to contemporary issues that ranchers and landowners are facing, including drought, wildfires and prescribed burning, wind turbines, and more. Panels are composed of experts in a field related to the topic and include professors, lawyers, scientists and landowners.

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series has featured speakers such as historian Byron Price, owner and editor of True West Magazine Bob Boze Bell and author Bill Neal. Each series features a specific topic and is followed with a reception.

Heritage Month Programming

Structures at the NRHC represent many different heritage groups. Months such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month and Women’s History Month are celebrated through different programs and events.

Rangeland Issues

Rangeland Issues is an official publication of the National Ranching Heritage Center, Texas Tech University, in partnership with Texas Tech University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. It is published quarterly as a benefit to landowners to assist them with better management of their rangelands.