The Education Department of the National Ranching Heritage Center strives to preserve the history of ranching, pioneer life and the development of the livestock industry in North America by hosting educational events and providing materials to make your visit more meaningful. In addition to the Junior Rough Riders, the official youth membership organization of the NRHC, we also offer several activities throughout the year for your child. Learn more about our Annual Events or view our Calendar to see everything that is going on at the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Junior Rough Riders

Round up your little buckaroos for a ranching adventure! The Junior Rough Riders is the official youth organization of the NRHC for kids age 10 and under, sponsored by the Ranching Heritage Association. Membership Benefits Include: Personalized membership card Fun membership packet Invitations to Junior Rough Riders Corrals each year, including special programming for kids [...]

National History Day

Texas History Day, part of the National History Day program, is a yearlong education program that culminates in an annual state-level history fair for students in grades six through twelve. It provides an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge of history and their critical thinking, analytical reading and writing, presentation, media design and public performance skills through creative and original papers, performances, documentaries, websites or exhibits.

Summer Youth Classes

Classes start on July 14 and end on July 18. This year we have partnered with the International Cultural Center’s K-12 Global Education department, which has expanded the number of classes offered! Students will choose from a variety of fun cultural and heritage education classes where they can learn cowboy life, folklore, pioneer living, American Indian tribes, western [...]