Across Time & Territory

“Across Time and Territory: the National Ranching Heritage Center Story,” is a permanent exhibit covering the walls of the Christine DeVitt Gallery. Material in the exhibition is presented in a mural form with 3-D enhancements. Also in this area are two touch-screen monitors featuring attractive photographs of the structures in the historical park, presented in a virtual tour format, along with educational information about each building, available in both English and Spanish suitable for adults, children and wheelchair-restricted persons.

Bugbee Exhibit Page Illustration

Harold Dow Bugbee

The NRHC is proud to exhibit selected works of Harold Dow Bugbee on loan from the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Bugbee is credited as being The Original Artist of the Texas Plains and his work demonstrates why he deserves this title. The exhibit is underwritten by the CH Foundation and guest curated by Michael Grauer [...]


Lever-Action Rifles

An exhibit that examines the history and development of the lever-action rifle from its earliest form. The exhibit also features lever-action firearms from the NRHC collections.


A selection of saddles from the Texas Cattle Raisers Museum collection. The exhibit features examples of saddles from some of the industry’s most historic makers.