Across Time & Territory

“Across Time and Territory: the National Ranching Heritage Center Story,” is a permanent exhibit covering the walls of the Christine DeVitt Gallery. Material in the exhibition is presented in a mural form with 3-D enhancements. Also in this area are two touch-screen monitors featuring attractive photographs of the structures in the historical park, presented in a virtual tour format, along with educational information about each building, available in both English and Spanish suitable for adults, children and wheelchair-restricted persons.

Coybow Couture Slide

Cowboy Couture

This exhibit explores the various elements of a cowboy’s garb and exposes visitors to a wide array of hats, chaps, boots and other items. A video presentation uses photographs to show some of the changes in styles of a cowboy’s dress over the decades.


From Horse-drawn to Horsepower

This exhibit examines the transition from horse-drawn vehicles to motor vehicles and how that transition affected the lives of people in rural America – especially those who earned their living from ranching. The exhibit features different types of early automobiles and their horse-drawn equivalents as well as other artifacts related to “horseless carriages.” Opens August 17, 2013.

Hidden Views Slide

Hidden Views

Hidden Views allows visitors a rare chance to see some art in the NRHC collection that is usually tucked away in the Boardroom, Library or other areas the general public does not often see. The art in this exhibit features many nationally and regionally-known artists.

Tall Tales of the West 2

Tales of the Wild West: The Stories of Karl May

This visiting exhibit from the New Mexico History Museum Palace of the Governors provides visitors with a unique opportunity to become immersed in the worlds created by the prolific German author Karl May. Much of may’s writing was set in the American West and continues to have a loyal fanbase to this day. The exhibit [...]